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2017 Meeting Photos - Jan through June

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January 2017
Greeters Barbara Hill and Clardel Walker Just Amazing January Refreshments by Janet Schmidly, Kathleen Levine, Erin Height, Judy Gajikowski and Vicky Kimmel, chair Diane Sheperd and Speaker Kevin Bladergroen Anja & Kevin Bladergroen - Blades' Bistro Shirley Ericson Introduces Karen Cox, 2016 Service Award Winner President Kathy presents Karen with her award
February 2017
Beautiful February Refreshments by Judith Roderick, Claudia Moraga, Suanne Bryden, Rebecca Boone-Watson Greeters Joan Lucero & Harriet Neal Cathryne Richards presents 2016 History Book to President Kathy Susan Arreola inducts 2017 Officers Speaker Deborah Gullo introduces yoga's Lion Pose Audience participation - Lion Pose - ROAR!
March 2017
Greeters Nancy Ullery & Kathy Hays refreshments: Maria Adang, Jacque Moise, Doug Doll, Barbara Pacente Karen Cox introducing March speaker Kate Nelson of New Mexico Magazine Happy Attendees More Happy Attendees
April 2017
Greeters Janet Schmidly & Patt Cain Collection Coordinators Judith Austin & Joan Chamier Refreshments: Ginny Davis, Nancy Hawks, Georgia Edminister, Judith Austin Ellen McMahon & speaker Jennifer Hobson (and small friend) Happy Jardineros Linda Suydam & Winnie Hoeksema All Smiles: Ivona McCrary, Jennise (are those yearbooks?) Phillips, Sandy Pilcher
May 2017
Greeters Gale Fisher & Dianna Stone Refreshments - Vicky Kimmel, Ann Galindo, Ruth Clark, Linda Lockett (not in photo - Shirley Ericson) Speakers: Beekeepers Ellen Castrone & Jorge Silva-Banuelos Fabulous Jardineros smiles More Happy Jardineros What a Spread - Thank You Refreshment Ladies!
June 2017
Greeters Diane Kessler and Darlene Beeson Refreshment team: Vicky Kimmel, Maxine Breland, Margaret McHenry, Jennise Phillips, Eleanor Jugle, Linda Heath Speaker Bill Martin - The Vietnam Pilot with the Magic Hat Happy Jardineros Linda Heath & Susanne Dominguez Mary Boatright and Guest