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2018 Meeting Photos - Jan through June

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January 2018
Greeters Kathy Bruch and Ellen McMahon Refreshments by: Pam Buethe, Linda Hardin, Patricia Kelliher, Margaret McHenney, Rose Gardiner 2018 Yearbook Distribution Susan Arreola inducts new board: Linda Suydam, Kay Smith, Courtney Lewis, Susan Brown, Jean Roberts Joann Mackenzie introduces Opera Southwest Speaker Julian Kaplan, Opera Southwest
February 2018
March 2018
April 2018
May 2018
June 2018
Opera Southwest singer Greeters Winnie Hoeksema & Connie Goodwin Hostesses: Kathy & Margaret Bruch, Carol Ninkovich, Linda Heath, Vicky Kimmel (chair) President Linda & Cathryne Richards United World College Dean of Students Nancy Ellington Cathryne Richards presents Annual History Book to past president Kathy Bruch Happy Jardineros Happy Jardineros Greeters Pam Buethe and Tina Thomas Refreshment Team - Judith Roderick, Ruth Clark, Harriet Neal, Llith Ren and Vicky Kimmel, chair and . . . Sandy Pilcher & Judy Labovitz intro NM Jazz Worshop NM Jazz Workshop performs Emerson Susan Corley Emerson Susan Corley & Dimi Disanti - NM Jazz Workshop Greeters Hostesses and Refreshments April Speaker and Coordnators Speaker - Jennifer from Jericho Nurseries President Linda Suydam Happy Jardineros Treasurer Jean Roberts Recording Secretary Susan Brown Vice President Kay Smith Jill Kennedy - Community Service Greeters Dianna Stone & Margaret McHenney Refreshment Team - Kathy Freidman, Barbara Hill, Elaine Carey, Jake Barkdoll Happy Jardineros! Kathy Bruch introduces Daniel Arreola Speaker Daniel Arreola