Meeting Photo Page 2024

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January Meeting - Practicing Gratitude - Charey Fox - Coordinator, Dianna Stone - Photos, Wendy Ingram Greeters: Joanne Ruhl, Tamara Smith Refreshments: Lisa Fink, Karen Cox, Marilyn Levandoski, Carol Horner, Nancy Evans
February Meeting - Loving a Changing World - While Still Fighting for Justice - Laura Paskus - Coordinator, Linda Lockett - Photos, Wendy Ingram Greeters: Pam Criscuolo, Ellen McMahon Refreshments: Jane Garland, Kathy Hays, Nancy Evans, Claudia Moraga, Jill Kennedy
March Meeting - Who wants to live forever? Searching for the keys to longevity - Dr. Mark McCormick - Coordinator, Dianna Stone - Photos, Wendy Ingram Greeters: Jean Roberts, Susan Brown Refreshments: Karen Croxton, Nancy Evans, Jayne Schultz, Betty Temple, Tina Thomas
April Meeting - Wonders of the Sandia Peak Tram - Jessica Fox
May Meeting - A Walk Down Memory Lane - Catherine Richards
June Meeting - How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Our Daily Lives - Professor Melanie Mitchell
July 4th Parade
July Meeting - James Webb Telescope - Tony Hull
August Meeting - The Best Journey in the World: A Field Season in Antarctica
September Meeting - Lighter Than Air - Nancy Holley
October Meeting - Ghost Town Getaways - Kate Nelson
November Meeting - More than Organized - Miriam Ortiz y Pino
December Meeting - Holiday Buffet and Party